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Unfortunately Fracking Gas Wells Explode

Recently a fracking gas well exploded in Green County, Pennsylvania. Fortunately (unfortunately?) only one life was lost, and fortunately, Chevon, the owner of the well, was very apologetic about the accident and the traffic tie ups and gave everyone in the … Continue reading

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Welcome “Not in MY Backyard” Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson

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Let’s welcome EXXON CEO Rex Tillerson to our anti-fracking community. It seems that he has just joined a lawsuit to prevent a 130 foot water tower that will provide water to a nearby fracking site from being installed next to … Continue reading

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A New Yorker’s Anti-Fracking Resolutions for 2014

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What are you planning to do in 2014? Did you make any of these common New Year’s resolutions such as — Lose weight? Exercise more?  Well, let me suggest that taking part in the New York State Anti-Fracking movement can … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela’s Advice to Activists

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There have been many battles fought against oppression over the years. In particular, the trials, tribulations, and success of Nelson Mandela have been widely recognized and honored.  Julie Sprankles on Sheknows lists 10 life lessons we can learn from Mandela’s … Continue reading

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Things to be Thankful for

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On October 3rd 1863 President Abraham Lincoln signed the proclamation making Thanksgiving a national holiday. Sarah Hale, editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book,  had been writing presidents with this request for fifteen years.  Little did either of them know that they were furthering … Continue reading

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Methane Leaks? An artwork is worth a thousand words

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Back in March a study of methane leakage in New York City was released. Commissioned by Damascus Citizens for Sustainability and performed by Gas Safety, the study graphically depicted the leakage of methane from the city’s antiquated natural gas pipe … Continue reading

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Liquified Natural Gas: Why Worry?

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I didn’t know much about LNG until I started completing Sandra Steingraber’s Return of the  30 Days: Infrastructure comments. After all, those LNG trucks look so innocuous – all nice and white with Clean Energy blazoned across their sides. However, as … Continue reading

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To Mitigate

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To mitigate:  1. To make less severe, intense, harsh, rigorous, painful,         etc.; to soften; to meliorate; to alleviate; to diminish;         to lessen… Mitigate is a favorite word of the natural gas industry because it sounds scientific and important … Continue reading

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Crossroads Rally in Albany

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NY State Capital June 17th, 2013 Did you go? In this day of modern technology it is easy to sit back in one’s computer chair and wonder why anyone would want to go stand out in the heat of the … Continue reading

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Where’s the Fracking Waste to Go?

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When the Joint Landowners address town boards they talk about the money, they talk about how the gas wells will just be nice flat grassy areas (when they are not being fracked), and they talk about the jobs. They do … Continue reading