Unfortunately Fracking Gas Wells Explode

Recently a fracking gas well exploded in Green County, Pennsylvania. Fortunately (unfortunately?) only one life was lost, and fortunately, Chevon, the owner of the well, was very apologetic about the accident and the traffic tie ups and gave everyone in the immediate area  pizza and soda coupons which made them happy.

It also happened that the firefighters and emergency rescuers who showed up at that explosion couldn’t get closer than 900 feet of the well because it was too hot.  That’s right 900 feet. Fortunately “the well was in a rural area where there were no homes or schools close enough to the well site to be dangerous.” Fortunately, the fire, after emitting who knows how much pollution into the air, eventually was put out.

A lot of “fortunatelys” don’t you think? It got me thinking about that 500 foot set back that is suppose to make it safe for fracking gas drilling in New York to happen by our houses and schools. Awhile back I wrote a post titled How Far from a School?  In that post I talked about how the industrial process of fracking for gas just might prove to be distracting to children trying to learn in a school building 500 feet away. I noted that the proposed SEIGS has established a 500 foot set back for our protection.

560 560.4 SETBACKS

(a) No well pad or portion of a well pad may be located:
(2) within 500 feet from an inhabited dwelling or place of assembly;

So I am still thinking: What if a gas well that is 500 feet from a school explodes? Unfortunately there might not be all those “fortunatelys.” Unfortunately more than one person might be dead. And unfortunately maybe pizza and soda will not make the parents feel better.

That’s too many unfortunatelys for me. Call Governor Cuomo 866-584-6799 and tell him No Fracking in New York. It’s not worth one life. It’s not worth our children’s lives. Don’t wait around for the gas drillers to protect you. No matter how safe they say it is, workers are human and they make mistakes. And pizza won’t make it better.


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