Governor Cuomo Why are you afraid of us?

BU rally March 2014 3It was cold Saturday morning. I know because I, and a 100 other people from the Southern Tier, stood outside the Binghamton University Event Center to meet and greet Governor Cuomo and let him know that we will not let one fracking gas well be drilled in New York. Just like Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson we know that the noisy, noxious, toxic, radioactive, heavy industrial process of fracking for gas, and the leaking pipelines, and exploding generators do not belong next to people’s homes and schools.

We care about the future. We love our children and want them to grow up healthy with clean air and water. Protecting our environment is the duty of our government. So protect it. Is that too much to ask from our government officials?

Well, it seems to make our Governor nervous. So nervous that he tries not to let anyone know where he will appear. And when he does show up he sneaks in and out. Governor, Why are you afraid of grandmas and grandpas, retired school teachers and farmers, college students and working people, school children and babies? Why can’t you look us in the eye, shake our hands, and promise to keep our children and the New York of the future safe, clean, and healthy?

Is it because you know we are right?

Call Governor Cuomo and ask him:

Why do you avoid peaceful anti-fracking people?



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Joan Koster writes historical fiction about forgotten women. She is currently working on a novel about abolition and woman's rights during the Civil War.
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