Who We Are…

We are…

The Concerned Citizens of Rural Broome represents residents of the towns of Barker, Colesville, Lisle, Maine, Nanticoke, Triangle, and any other town in Broome County that would like to join us and help fight to protect our communities’ earth, air, water, and all living things that inhabit this beautiful part of New York State.  We are against the destructive practice of hydrofracturing, as currently practiced, being instituted in our towns.

  We are not a sacrifice zone…

We do not want to be treated differently from other communities in our state who have been promised that hydrofracturing will not take place there. If it is not safe for them, it is not safe for us.

    We want…

We want our towns to WAIT before agreeing to allow any hydrofracturing for gas or to BAN the process until the following issues are satisfactorily addressed for the safety and benefit of the residents and future residents of our town:

  • A comprehensive and scientifically researched study of the health effects and effects on water and air are ADDED to the SGEIS study.
  • Compulsory (forced) integration is repealed so small landholders do not lose their property values through no choice of their own and are unable to obtain mortgages or homeowner loans.
  • Landowners are released from old industry leases that they are being held to by force majeure or unwanted extensions below market value.

Are you concerned too?  What to do…

  • Attend town board meetings. Visit the town links for dates and times.
  • Write your board members, representatives, and the governor.
  • Attend informational meetings. Sign up to be on our e-mail list to receive announcements of these meetings.
  • Carry petitions for your town. Visit the town links for copies to download.
  • Learn more. Visit the links on this site
  • Join with us and others to make our voices heard. Sign up to be on our e-mail list.

More to learn…

  • Read the information under Why Wait?
  • Visit our fellow communities’ websites
  • Watch the video The Sky is Pink