Stolen Our Land Rights

Stolen Our Land Rights

Compulsory (forced) integration means that if 60% of the land is leased in a designated 3 mile square area around your home, they can drill your land.

Do you have an old gas lease that pays way below market value that has been “extended” by either force majeure or by an extension clause? Don’t be embarrassed. You are not alone. Hundreds of landowners in our towns do. No one knew about fracking and what it would do to our lands.

Do you know that those leases give the corporations the right to build on your property roads you are forbidden to use. Knock down any buildings, even a new barn, if it is in their way? Take the water from your well.

Did you know that the “royalties” lease holders will receive are based on the profit minus all the company’s expenses from building pipelines to Timbuktu and to paying astronomical salaries to the CEOs  – And that’s only if the well produces a profit based on how the gas company measures it. The majority do not. Those “royalties” are not worth chicken feed!

Did you know that the landowner coalition lawyers earn $20 an acre for bringing you into the fold? That’s who’s making the money. Not you.

Join with us. Do not let hydrofracturing be welcomed into our town until we are released from these awful, illegal leases.

Go to for more information on what property rights we will lose to these corporations so they can sell the gas to China and make a profit for their shareholders and CEOs.