Kirkwood Online Petition


We, the residents of Lisle, request that the Town Board of Kirkwood WAIT before agreeing to allow any hydrofracturing for gas or ban the process in the Town of Kirkwood until the following issues which are not in the SGEIS study are satisfactorily addressed for the safety and benefit of the residents and future residents of our town:

  • § A comprehensive and scientifically researched study of health effects and effects on water and air is added to the SGEIS study.
  • § When hydrofracturing is determined safe enough for all New York State and is allowed throughout the state so that our town is not being used as a test case or sacrifice zone, but considered of equal value and importance as those areas currently excluded from consideration.
  • § The 2005 NYS Compulsory (forced) integration law is repealed so that small landholders do not lose their property values through no choice of their own and are unable to obtain mortgages or homeowner loans
  • § Landowners are released from old gas industry leases that they are being held to by force majeure or unwanted extensions below market value.