A New Yorker’s Anti-Fracking Resolutions for 2014

Don't Frack NY Albany rally 1

What are you planning to do in 2014?

Did you make any of these common New Year’s resolutions such as — Lose weight? Exercise more?  Well, let me suggest that taking part in the New York State Anti-Fracking movement can help you do all these things and more! Here is a list from our very own US government [Actually I was rather surprised to find that our Federal government with all the big issues it can’t seem to deal with like fracking and renewable energy – can find time to produce this stuff. But it does.] with my own suggestions for how to use anti-fracking activism to meet your goals.

Lose Weight Jumping up and down at local and state rallies is a great way to lose weight.

                 Volunteer to Help Others Local and state anti-fracking groups need your help. Come to meetings. Volunteer to call or go door to door with petitions. Help local anti-fracking candidates get elected.

                  Quit Smoking Come to rallies at the State Capital and attend hearings on the issue, regularly attend town board meetings. You’ll be so astonished at how our government works that you will forget all about smoking. 

                  Get a Better Education Check out anti-fracking list groups like NYRAD and New Yorkers Against Fracking and Food and Water Watch. Follow anti-fracking blogs like this one. Attend meetings on fracking. Read Tom Wilber’s book Under the Surface and Sandra Steingraber’s Raising Elijah

                  Get a Better Job Support businesses such as Sunbeam that are against fracking and use renewable energy so they grown and prosper and create new clean wholesome jobs in our region.

                  Save Money Fracking meetings and rallies provide plenty of free entertainment. If the speeches and skits and puppet shows and movies are too bland, just try talking to some progassers to raise your blood pressure to the heights of close football game.

                  Get Fit  Remember all that jumping up and down at rallies. Well, we walk too. Lots. This summer we walked all around the Capital in Albany. And we walked at SUNY Binghamton to greet President Obama. A year ago we chased Cuomo around the NYS Fairgrounds. Look at all the exercise everyone in the photo above is getting at the August 2013 Albany Rally. So come get fit with us.

                  Eat Healthy Food Support farmers and food producers who are against fracking. They care about producing healthy food for you and your family.

                  Manage Stress  Don’t sit in front of your TV getting angry at the news and politicians. Relieve your stress by calling Cuomo 866-584-6799 and Libbous 866-696-8249, writing letters to the editor, and shouting out your displeasure at a rally near you or in Albany. It’s very cathartic!

                  Manage Debt Again being an anti-fracker is very cheap. There’s just an occasional request for a donation. Most events are FREE. Unlike movies, sports, and dining out.

                  Take a Trip There’s an anti-fracking protest going on every minute somewhere in the world. Explore the anti-fracking movements in just about every state of the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Spain, Germany, Australia, and more.

                  Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle  Show those gas and oil corporations that we don’t have to depend on fossil fuels. Support solar, wind and geothermal energy. Rent a solar panel for your roof. Drive your car a bit slower and save gas.  Use your recycle bin.

                  Drink Less Alcohol I have never seen any alcohol at any anti-fracking event. And I have been to lots. We tend to prefer fresh, unpolluted WATER.

So which resolutions do you think you will follow? Let us know.


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Joan Koster writes historical fiction about forgotten women. She is currently working on a novel about abolition and woman's rights during the Civil War.
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