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The Arrest of Sandra Steingraber

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Last week Sandra Steingraber along with eleven others was arrested for blocking construction on the Inergy underground LP storage facility at Watkins Glen. In the interview she explains what led her to the fight on fracking and to the ultimate statement one makes … Continue reading

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Fracking and Food

The Marcellus Effect Blog is running a series on organic farming and the impact of fracking.  Part 1 talks about an organic farmer who had no problem with a gas pad half-a-mile away (that’s 2640 feet) . But when they drilled … Continue reading

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Fight Fracking by Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

In honor of the Climate Change Rally yesterday which drew 40,000 people to tell President Obama NO Fracking NO Pipelines I am sharing some ways to go green. We can protest fracking all we want, but we need to also … Continue reading

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Fracking: How Far from a School?

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I’ve been a teacher for forty-three years. When the custodian mows the grass outside the classroom window, all learning stops. When the delivery truck pulls up outside the window and exhaust fills the room, all learning stops. When the temperature … Continue reading


Have the ANGA Ads Convinced YOU?

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You know in the 1800s the railroads tried to convince passengers that steam locomotive train rides were pleasant by showing a woman in a white dress riding the train. The fact was the soot and smoke-filled the passenger cars staining people’s clothing … Continue reading

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No Healthy Community Would Allow Fracking

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It is the planned strategy of the fracking gas companies to divide communities. Neighbors used to care about each other where I live. With a thunderstorm threatening the farmer down the road would stop and help his neighbor get the … Continue reading

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Your Right to Punch Ends at the Tip of My Nose

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I’m all for property rights. However, my neighbor’s right to do what they will with their property ENDS at my property line. They do not have the right to ruin my water, my peace, and my property values for their personal … Continue reading


Comment on the NY Fracking Regs NOW!

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We need everyone to get going on comments on the New York State proposed regulations on gas drilling. The DEC admits that the denial of permits for HVHF in New York State would fully protect the environment from any environmental impacts … Continue reading

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500 feet From a Gas Well?

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I’ve been busy commenting on the proposed New York State regulations for gas drilling. One of the notable changes from the last bunch is the setback of a well pad from a house, school, or business is now 500 feet … Continue reading

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Don’t Drink It!

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The flowback from fracked gas wells isn’t safe for children or other living things. We really didn’t need more proof of that did we? Well it seems we did. Penn State researchers have just completed a chemical analysis of the brine that … Continue reading