Fracking and Food

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The Marcellus Effect Blog is running a series on organic farming and the impact of fracking.  Part 1 talks about an organic farmer who had no problem with a gas pad half-a-mile away (that’s 2640 feet) . But when they drilled a quarter-mile away (1320 feet) their water went bad and their eyes and noses burned from the fumes. Of course no tests were performed to see how safe the crops were on this farm, but it is telling that the family is moving somewhere else to run their organic farm. I wonder where they will go? New York? Vermont? It’s going to get very crowded in Vermont.

In the proposed regulations for gas drilling in New York there is no specified distance for food crops or livestock. There is a proposed 500 feet from a well or pond used to water livestock and people, but not for creeks that livestock drink from. 500 feet is a little less than a tenth of a mile.

So… how do you feel about eating “organic” food raised a few hundred feet from a heavily industrialized gas drilling operation? How do you feel about feeding it to your children? Food that has toxic hydrocarbon particulates including radioactivity falling on them – clinging to them – in them? You already may be doing so if your food, organic or otherwise, is being raised in Pennsylvania and other fracking states.

What do you think? Call Cuomo today 1-518-474-8390 and say Ban Fracking in New York. Just think…with pure air and water in a world of fracked up farmland New York could become the organic food capital of the USA.  We already rank fourth according to the USDA 2008 census of organic farms.

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