Have the ANGA Ads Convinced YOU?

ground water contamination chart2You know in the 1800s the railroads tried to convince passengers that steam locomotive train rides were pleasant by showing a woman in a white dress riding the train. The fact was the soot and smoke-filled the passenger cars staining people’s clothing and choking their lungs.

Don’t let the American Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) gas corporation ads tell New Yorkers fracking is great and safe in that clean white world they depict on TV.

It is our task with no money and no ad agency to educate New York person to person. Please send this on to everyone you know who isn’t sure.

The majority of people in New York will not make millions on fracking. In fact their lives and health will be worse, while those who profit from the industry will move far away – because who wants to live in a polluted place? Will you be able to afford to move away from…

  • Polluted air that will increase asthma and chronic lung diseases
  • Noise and light pollution
  • Radioactive gas coming into our homes. There is no safe level of radioactivity.
  • Contaminated toxic flowback seeping into our drinking water
  • Pure fresh water drained creeks, rivers, and lakes
  • Toxic waste flowback that has no way to EVER be cleaned
  • Toxic waste left in pipes made of steel and concrete FOREVER? that will surely leak
  • A house that has lost its value

Brought to us by…

An industry exempt from all federal laws so that does not have to clean up after itself. That we and our children will have to pay for.

And ready to send gas to China, Norway and to whoever else actually owns these companies, out of ports on Long Island (wake up Long Islanders this affects you too.)

Here is a new video of Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s tour of PA gas fields. http://vimeo.com/58660040

Watch it, call the governor, and then pass it on.

Not One Well in New York Call 1-518-474-8390

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Joan Koster writes historical fiction about forgotten women. She is currently working on a novel about abolition and woman's rights during the Civil War.
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