No Healthy Community Would Allow Fracking

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It is the planned strategy of the fracking gas companies to divide communities.

Neighbors used to care about each other where I live. With a thunderstorm threatening the farmer down the road would stop and help his neighbor get the hay in the barn. When someone was sick, neighbors would show up at the door with a pan of mac and cheese. But fracking has divided us. Now pro-gas neighbors run over the anti-fracking signs of the person across the street. Town Boards won’t let people speak. People no longer talk to each other.

Why? Because some people think they will become millionaires by allowing gas companies to lease their land. So they turn a cold shoulder. They won’t look you in the eye. They call you names. And why are they so up-tight about it? Because they know it is dangerous. They know that their neighbor may be irrevocably hurt in the process. The polls show that only 3% of New Yorkers believe that there will be no environmental damage from fracking. But my neighbors want that MONEY$$$$ (the root of all evil) and the gas companies know this. It is human nature. So they offer money to some and nothing to the rest and when the community is broken, they can move in and do as they will. And believe me they will.

It is time to end this conflict in our towns. The gas company and its money has incited some of the worst bullying I have ever seen in adults. Some anti-frackers I meet are so afraid of their bullying pro-gas neighbors they are afraid to speak out publically or put a sign on their lawn or on their car because their neighbor might attack them. This has to stop!

Please call Governor Cuomo and tell him NO FRACKING IN NEW YORK! so we can go back to being neighbors not enemies.

Jessica Ernst has worked for gas companies. She has seen this process first hand. Please watch this video.


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