More Warnings About Fracking Dangers

The GAO, the independent government oversight agency, released a report this last week on the risks surrounding fracking. They found that ground water – the water that we drink – that’s in our wells and rivers can and have been polluted by faulty pipe and casings that must pass through the aquifer to get down to that gas way below. They go on to say that the EPA is not capable of overseeing an industry that is expanding so rapidly and is exempt from many federal environmental regulations.

We know that in New York there are hundreds of old traditional gas wells that have leaked and that the DEC and the state have not been able or willing to spend the money to clean these up. What makes people believe that new and risky fracking will be safe?

Their report coincided with a number of European studies which contain similar warnings. It’s time to step up the pressure on our politicians.

Call the governor. Call the state senators. Call your local town board. Give them the facts.

Here is a link to a summary and discussion of the reports.

Marcellus-Shale Drilling News


Here is a link to the GAO report.


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