Stop the Pipelines

Fracking doesn’t just mean the well pads and all the assorted mess and noise and accidents that surround them. Fracking also means a network of pipes criss-cross our land, criss-cross our county, our state, and our country. Accompanying the pipelines are round-the-clock compressor stations that release benzene and other toxins in the air that have been shown to increase the incidence of asthma in children.(Steingraber Raising Elijah)  And according to a Federal audit these gas lines lack oversight.

We’ve temporarily halted the Tar Sands pipeline, although Romney said last night in the debate he thinks it would be a great idea to start it up again. But we have a pipeline being built right now in New York that will eventually offload frack gas to ship to foreign climes. Read more about it at Waging Nonviolence. Then call Governor Cuomo and tell him to stop the Spectra Pipeline. And No Fracking In NY.  518-474-8390

Learn more about the Tar Sands and pipelines in this video:


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Joan Koster writes historical fiction about forgotten women. She is currently working on a novel about abolition and woman's rights during the Civil War.
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