Concerned Citizens of Broome County

Have you heard? There’s a new group in town.

CCBC’s mission is to support local anti-fracking candidates. We are tired of our local town officials who have been in office for years, don’t follow open meeting law, have conflicts of interest, favor their cronies, and ignore the will of the majority of their citizens.

It’s time to vote them out of office.

Below is a list of local candidates running this year. Next year there will be more. And the old cronies are getting worried. Minutes after Sarah Goble, write-in candiate in the Town of Maine put up her vote-for-me sign the Town Supervisor of Maine stomped across the street and moved it behind a pole effectively making it invisible.

We will be invisible no longer. We are the majority.

Broome County Executive – Tarik Abdelazim

Town of Binghamton – Vicky Xlander (Town Board)

Town of Chenango – Lee Ann Avery (Town Board)

Town of Maine – Sarah Goble (write in candidate for Town Board)

Town of Sanford –

  • Brian Stevens (Supervisor)
  • Mary Colvard (Town Council)
  • Elmer Mitchell (Town Council)
  • Patrice VanSlyke (Town Council)
  • Alex Chalmers (Town Highway Supervisor)
  • Caitlin Stevens (Town Clerk)

Town of Union

  • John Cheevers (Supervisor)
  • William Tastle (Town Board)
  • Frank Palmisano (Town Board)

Town of Vestal – Paul Logalbo (Town Board)


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Joan Koster writes historical fiction about forgotten women. She is currently working on a novel about abolition and woman's rights during the Civil War.
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