Where’s the Fracking Waste to Go?

Route radioactive cuttings will take to the two disposal sites in the Southern Tier.

Route radioactive cuttings will take to the two disposal sites in the Southern Tier.

When the Joint Landowners address town boards they talk about the money, they talk about how the gas wells will just be nice flat grassy areas (when they are not being fracked), and they talk about the jobs. They do not talk about the miles of pipelines, the huge noisy generators, nor the waste. Today we are focusing on the waste. A map has just been published showing where the gas well cuttings will be disposed of, if fracking is allowed in New York.

The above map obtained by Damascus Citizens for Sustainability through FOIL (And not published in the Broome County newspapers)  shows that the waste from the well drilling will travel the major roads in the region. It will pass through New York City watersheds, it will travel through Kamikaze curve (made famous by Rod Sterling and under reconstruction for the next 3 years) and be deposited in  the Broome County Landfill. This waste consists of the soil, rocks, and drilling fluid residues. These are know to be radioactive. See our post Don’t Drink It.  In Pennsylvania fracking waste trucks have set off Geiger counters at special toxic landfills and been refused entry. There are no Geiger Counters at the Broome County Landfill.

So based on this plan by XTO not only will the so-called  “NIMBYS” have the radioactive stuff in their backyards, but everybody who travels through the Southern Tier on route 17 and route 81 or travels the roads in Broome County will be exposed to radioactivity. There is no safe amount of exposure to radioactivity. Wake up Southern Tier! Wake up New York! Would you like to pass one of these trucks? Sit behind one at a traffic light with your baby in a car seat? Have one run into you?

Do you travel route 17 or 81? Do you live anywhere those trucks have to go to reach the landfills?  If so you and your children and your children’s children are at risk. Call Cuomo and tell him Ban Fracking in NY. 866-584-6799. And tell him don’t accept fracking waste from PA either. Tell him don’t even think about it!


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