We’re An Inspiration?

Today let’s all call the Governor and thank him for visiting our lovely Broome county and giving so much praise.  He says:
We are an inspiration to the Sandy survivors: “I think it’s an inspiration, I think it’s an inspiration for downstate New York which is struggling with similar issues that we can make it better than it was,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), “And that’s exactly what happened here.”
We are beautiful: “You have some of the most beautiful land in this country. You have great academic universities, you have great healthcare universities, you have advanced manufacturing, you have great rural community,” he said, “You have every asset that you could possibly have.”
And the Southern Tier Economic Development Council  has brought in potentially 4000 jobs.
So do we need gas drilling? Well according to the economic study paid for by our county in 2008 and after you figure out that their strange term person-year means one person working one year, it seems gas drilling will bring in between 810 and 1600 jobs in a ten-year period. (p.10). And it seems they thought gas would be selling at $6 a unit and based all their figures on that going higher (What else to expect from two Texans who get cite references from newspapers instead of scientific studies). Well we know that’s not true either. Read more at http://www.gobroomecounty.com/files/countyexec/Marcellus-Broome%20County-Preliminary%20Report%20for%20distribution%207-27-09.pdf
I say no. You say no.
Tell Cuomo No — No Fracking in NY 1-518-474-8390

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Joan Koster writes historical fiction about forgotten women. She is currently working on a novel about abolition and woman's rights during the Civil War.
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