A View of the Future?

In 2011 the Nature Conservancy did a projection of the effects of fracking in Tioga County. Since Tioga is right next door to us and is basically similar in terrain and vegetation, this study can give us a good idea what to expect if fracking is allowed in rural Broome County.

Some key points of the study:

  1. Current forested areas will be fragmented by roads and clearings affecting the wildlife ecology of the region and leading to species loss.
  2. Because large numbers of trees will be removed there will be more risk of upland  flooding.
  3. Each well pad removes about 9 acres of forest with a direct and indirect effect of 30 acres.
  4. In addition about 450 miles of roads and pipelines would be needed to service the well pads.

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Map showing how pads and roads will impact forests in Tioga County based on an average estimate of number of wells over a 30 year period. Gas pads are red dots. Roads are light blue lines.


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