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Cuomo Opposes Williams Pipeline, Denounces National Grid Moratorium


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Appearing on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show today, Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke out forcefully against the Williams fracked gas pipeline proposed for the New York Harbor, and suggested that National Grid’s moratorium on gas service could amount to extortion.

Cuomo’s answer to one of Lehrer’s questions about the situation was as follows:

“We have taken a position: We’re against the pipeline. That’s our position. DEC has considered it, and they are re-submitting additional information. But there’s no negotiation. If they’re extorting people, and wrongfully turning off gas service to homes to create political pressure, I’m not negotiating over that. That’s extortion. That’s a crime.”

In response, Food & Water Action organizer Laura Shindell released the following statement:

“National Grid is holding New Yorkers hostage in order to lobby for  a dirty pipeline that would devastate New York harbor. The governor is absolutely right to question National Grid’s shameful behavior, and we’re grateful for the pending investigation. We’re confident the investigation will prove what we already know: The Williams pipeline is an expensive, unnecessary project that threatens our water and would deepen our dependence on dirty fossil fuels.”

Source Food and Water Watch


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