One Pipeline Down. A Million More to Go

Great news this week. The NY DEC turned down the application for the Northern Access Pipeline (NAPL). Hip Hip Hooray!

I’ve been calling. I hope you have been calling. So it’s nice to see that sometimes people’s voices can be heard. But now is not the time to stop.


So let’s keep up the pressure. Here’s a new and effective way to get your voice heard. Send a fax. E-mails can be deleted without ever being read, but somebody has to deal with a fax.

Don’t have a fax machine? Don’t worry. Did you know that there are free fax services online?

I use FaxZero  It’s easy. You fill out the form. Confirm with the e-mail they send you and viola. It’s in the “pipeline.” It will arrive within a minute of  hitting “Send” on the site. How timely is that!.
So let’s keep up the fight for clean air and clean water!

About joan koster

Joan Koster writes historical fiction about forgotten women. She is currently working on a novel about abolition and woman's rights during the Civil War.
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