Election Day is Coming

Say no to fracking. VOTE on Tuesday

Here is a list of anti-fracking candidates running in our county. Amazing! It takes a lot of concern for everyone’s welfare for someone to want to take on the ensconced politicians with their cronies, gas money funding, and conflicts of interest and stand up against fracking. Bravo to everyone on this list.

House of Representatives: Dan Lamb


Broome County Executive – Tarik Abdelazim

Broome County Legislature

  • Gay E. Canough (D) Broome County Legislature District 7 Kirkwood and Conklin
  • Jason T. Garnar (D) Broome County Legislature District 14 Village of Endicott and part of Union
  • Gina D. Giglio (D) Broome County Legislature District 12 Village of Johnson City and part of Union
  • Eileen Konecny (D) Broome County Legislature District 6 – Vestal, Town of Binghamton, South Conklin
  • Colleen McCabe (D) Broome County Legislature District 11 part of Endicott and part of Union
  • Daniel D. Reynolds (D) Broome County Legislature District 4 city of Binghamton Riverside Dr. north to Dickinson border

 Here is a link to the district maps if you want to be sure who’s in your area. http://gobroomecounty.com/legis/maps

 In the Towns

Town of Binghamton – Vicky Xlander (Town Board)

Town of Chenango – Webb Sisson, Supervisor, Leeann Avery (Town Board)

Town of Maine – Sarah Goble (write in candidate for Town Board)

Town of Sanford –

  • Brian Stevens (Supervisor)
  • Mary Colvard (Town Council)
  • Elmer Mitchell (Town Council)
  • Patrice VanSlyke (Town Council)
  • Alex Chalmers (Town Highway Supervisor)
  • Caitlin Stevens (Town Clerk)

Town of Union –

  • John Cheevers (Supervisor)
  • William Tastle (Town Board)
  • Frank Palmisano (Town Board)

Town of Vestal – Paul Logalbo (Town Board)

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