Put Your Town On Notice

Is your town RED yet?

Write a letter to your town board today reminding them of their obligations. Send it certified!

Tell them they are:

  • Violating their oath of office
  • The NY Constitution (equal protection)
  • Violating their entrusted duty to protect the people of the town

A Town Board’s Obligations

Town boards are obligated to protect town roads, houses and water.

  • The DEC cannot protect any roads
  • The DEC is not empowered to protect town roads, county roads, or stateroads.
  • The protection of town roads is totally up to the town, not the county,not the state.
  • If the town fails to enact a road use ordinance, the taxpayers will be obligated to pay to repair damage done by frack trucks, the drillers are not liable for such repairs, absent a town ordinance.
  • The DEC will not protect homes, businesses or water supplies.
  • The DEC’s set backs of a gas well from structures and water supplies is the worst in the United States.
  • The DEC’s regulatory set backs for shale gas wells virtually guarantee that water wells will be contaminated and homeowners will lose their mortgages and insurance.
  • The DEC is notoriously lax in enforcing its own regulations.
  • No town can rely on the DEC to protect water supplies or the built environment; that is not the DEC’s job, it’s thetown’s responsibility to do so.
  • The DEC, in fact, is mandated byArticle 23 of the NYS Environmental Conservation Law to ‘maximize the efficiency with which oil and gas are extracted.”
  • As interpreted by the DEC, this leaves the protection of land uses and drinking water up to the town.
  • The town board is obligated to protect roads and land uses.
  • It is not only the town’s right to protect its roads, if the town board reasonably believes that the roads will be damaged by frack trucks, it is the town board’s obligation to do something about it. The same obligation   applies to protecting land uses and water supplies.

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Joan Koster writes historical fiction about forgotten women. She is currently working on a novel about abolition and woman's rights during the Civil War.
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