Health Effects of Fracking

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Fracking may be banned in New York, but the health effects do not recognize state borders. Air, water, and fracking waste creep into our state daily from our fracked-to-death neighbor, Pennsylvania.  The Concerned Health Professionals and Physicians for Social Responsibility … Continue reading

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This blog is not going to go away.

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    “When good people cease their vigilance and struggle, then evil men prevail.” Pearl S. Buck   New York State Has Banned Fracking It feels so good to write that headline. It feels so good to know that next … Continue reading

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A Christmas Carol for the World

There can be no peace on earth until we are at peace with the earth. Please join in singing this song with your neighbors, your friends, your relatives and your children. Then take action. Save the Whales Save the Rainforest Save the Polar Bears … Continue reading

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A Gift for Our Children

gift in handAll those wonderful holiday gifts will do our children little good if their air, water, and earth are polluted with hydrocarbons and radioactivity, and their future is imperiled by global warming exacerbated by methane leakage. Take a brief break from holiday shopping and give a few minutes to protecting our air, water, and children. Give our children the gift of a healthy future. Tell the Cuomo and the world that  YOU say NO to Fracking!

Governor Cuomo has said that the state’s health review on fracking is coming out by the end of this month, which could mean any day. That’s what a decision about fracking in New York State hinges on. We must stand together to send the clear message that we will not allow fracking in the Southern Tier, not in any part of New York State, no “pilot” test wells — NOT ONE WELL! We must demand that Governor Andrew Cuomo keep his promise to listen to the science and to protect the public health and safety of all New Yorkers.

Please join us in Albany for the State of the State Anti-Fracking Rally on January 7th. Let’s make history together.
Share and invite your friends!
Consider signing the Pledge to Resist Fracking.
And don’t forget to call Cuomo DAILY day or night at 866-584-6799 and let him know the gift you have given your children and grandchildren. Don’t let him take it away.

To the wrongs that need resistance. To the right that needs assistance. To the future in the distance. Give yourselves.

Quote by Carrie Chapman Catt

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Reading Past the Headlines on Fracking Studies

Two scientific studies to think about. Do they conflict or do they actually say the same thing?

Fracking Wells Tainting Drinking Water in Pennsylvania and Texas, Study Finds

This study reported on by Newsweek on 9/15/2014 and carried out by researchers from Duke, Ohio State, Dartmouth, the University of Rochester , and Stanford found that by tracing the signature noble gases they identified eight wells contaminated with fracked methane, including the famous Lipskey well – the one with the flammable water.

Robert Jackson of Stanford, one of the scientists carrying out this study, suggests that this happens because “people are in a hurry… they cut corners.”

burning water

Landmark Fracking Study Finds No Water Pollution

On 9/16/2014 ABC News reported on another study carried out by the Department of Energy. This is a landmark study because it is the first time that a gas company allowed independent monitoring of their wells. The study found no leaking of fracking fluid.  Now read this article carefully. Note that:

1) They studied 6 wells in a situation where the company was under such public scrutiny it probably wouldn’t allow any corners to be cut. Is that a big enough and independent enough sample to clear all fracking operations?

2) What they did find is scary. The fractures from fracking, which fill with methane, other pollutants in fracking fluid, and unknown deep earth bacteria, go much further than previously thought – up to 1900 feet. Now in NY the proposed regulations say they can drill 1000 feet below a water aquifer. Do you want them drilling under yours?

Hmmm… Maybe these two studies are really saying the same thing. Fracking is not safe for people and other living things.

Call Cuomo now and tell him to ban fracking now, or he won’t get your vote this November. And if you don’t live in NY call him anyway and tell him to forget any presidential aspirations for 2016, if he allows fracking in NY.  518-474-8390

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Governor Cuomo Why are you afraid of us?

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It was cold Saturday morning. I know because I, and a 100 other people from the Southern Tier, stood outside the Binghamton University Event Center to meet and greet Governor Cuomo and let him know that we will not let one … Continue reading

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Unfortunately Fracking Gas Wells Explode

Recently a fracking gas well exploded in Green County, Pennsylvania. Fortunately (unfortunately?) only one life was lost, and fortunately, Chevon, the owner of the well, was very apologetic about the accident and the traffic tie ups and gave everyone in the … Continue reading

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Welcome “Not in MY Backyard” Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson

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Let’s welcome EXXON CEO Rex Tillerson to our anti-fracking community. It seems that he has just joined a lawsuit to prevent a 130 foot water tower that will provide water to a nearby fracking site from being installed next to … Continue reading

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A New Yorker’s Anti-Fracking Resolutions for 2014

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What are you planning to do in 2014? Did you make any of these common New Year’s resolutions such as — Lose weight? Exercise more?  Well, let me suggest that taking part in the New York State Anti-Fracking movement can … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela’s Advice to Activists

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There have been many battles fought against oppression over the years. In particular, the trials, tribulations, and success of Nelson Mandela have been widely recognized and honored.  Julie Sprankles on Sheknows lists 10 life lessons we can learn from Mandela’s … Continue reading

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